Our Philosophy

There are a lot of people pushing products made from up-cycled or reclaimed wood. What sets me apart from the others is all in the finishing. All of my products are given a finish that approaches that of fine furniture. I take great care to keep the natural character of the wood in order for the aging and/or patina, as well as the original hardware and fasteners to remain intact. I believe that, just because an item looks rustic or primitive, doesn't mean that it should feel like it. I take pride in the fact that my products will still feel like furniture, especially the items for daily use, such as organizers and storage pieces. I am confident that my products will stand the test of time, especially following my specialized finishing process.

My production process begins with harvesting unwanted or scrap lumber, hardware, and the occasional fixture. Next, I move to the material selection, where I keep my eye out for a unique grain, distinctive knots and flaws that can offer character without detracting from quality. With my selections in hand, I work up the dimensions using a table saw and a variety of hand tools and planes. Following that, I begin the sanding and staining, or painting, depending on what has been requested. After the desired finish is completed, I begin the final assembly. At this stage, I integrate the topcoat or sealer, attach the hardware, and inspect the finished product for packaging and final delivery.